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Username: NCmusky

Body of Water: Lake, X
Location: Raleigh, NC
Length: 23.3 inches  Girth: unknown
Lure: Floating Crankbait/Stickbait  Method: Flatline Trolling  Date Caught: 3/18/2012

My son''s biggest bass and he is only 3! Around 8lbs! Incredible day catching over 20LM and over 30 white perch in just 3hours! Many doubles and triples! Couldn''t stop laughing as they struggled reeling in tons of monster bass! All fish caught trolling nonetheless!!! Who trolls for bass? 3 year olds that cannot cast! I day I will never forget! Made a dad proud!
23.3 inch muskie caught on 3/18/2012 by NCmusky