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BassFIRST Q&A - John Crews

Bass First
Published June 3, 2008

John Crews (Bass Communications Photo)
John Crews BASS Elite Series Pro
Hometown: Salem, VA

John Crews is one of the more consistent pros on the BASS Elite Series. He's had 10 Top 10 finishes in BASS events, 5 Top 10 finishes in FLW events and qualified for a variety of championships including 4 appearances at the Bassmaster Classic.

Currently he is part of the Advance Auto Parts fishing team and runs a Bass Cat boat powered by Mercury.

Crews also has a signature bait made by the SPRO company, the Little John crankbait.

BF - How many years have you been fishing as fulltime pro?

JC - I've been a fulltime pro for 8 years.

BF - Have you ever won a tournament at any level? If yes, how many and which events?

JC - No.

BF - Do you have any other job besides being pro angler right now?

JC - No career, but I do some odd jobs from time to time.

BF - What was your previous job?

JC - I was an office assistant.

BF - How many days per year do you fish?

JC - I fish about 125 to 150 days per year.

BF - How many days per year are you on the road for tournaments?

JC - About the same amount as the days I fish.

BF - How many shows do you work for sponsors?

JC - I do about 8 to 10 shows.

BF - What else do you do for sponsors?

JC - I work with media, my web site with videos, and product development.

BF - What is your favorite pastime?

JC - Working out.

BF - Do you have a family and do they travel with you to tournaments?

JC - I have a wife, Sonja; daughter, Myah; step-son, Noah. My family comes to a couple events every year.

BF - If you weren't a pro angler would you still fish tournaments?

JC - Oh yes!

BF - What's your favorite go-to bait?

JC - The Little John crankbait by SPRO of course.

BF - What's your favorite bait to use?

JC - The same answer as above.

BF - Who is your favorite US President of all time?

JC - FDR, he turned this country around to make it a world powerhouse.

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