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BassFIRST Q&A - Bill Lowen

Bass First
Published May 1, 2008

Bill Lowen
Bill Lowen BASS Elite Series Angler
Hometown: North Bend, OH
Although Bill Lowen may not be the most famous angler fishing the BASS Elite Series, he certainly has been consistent over the last few years. His first season fishing the Elite Series he finished 26th overall. He slipped to 50th in 2007, but so far this year, after three events, he is ranked 16th overall and holding his own against some of the best bass anglers in the world.

Lowen got his start fishing local events in Ohio and then working his way up the ranks in BASS to qualify for the Elite Series. With BASS he's had 21 top 50 finishes, 4 top 10 finishes and 3 top 5 finishes.

Bill Lowen answers BassFIRST Q&A to let us know a little more about him.

BF - How many years have you been fishing as a fulltime pro?

BL - About three years.

BF - Have you ever won a tournament at any level? If yes, how many and which events?

BL - Yes, I've won two BFL's and numerous local events in Ohio.

BF - Do you have any other job besides being pro angler right now?

BL - No. I'm a fulltime professional bass angler.

BF - What was your previous job?

BL - I was a flooring contractor.

BF - How many days per year do you fish?

BL - I fish about 250 per year.

BF - How many days per year are you on the road for tournaments?

BL - I'm the road for about 150 every year.

BF - How many shows do you work for sponsors?

BL - I average about 15-20 every year.

BF - What else do you do for sponsors?

BL - I work on product innovations and development for All Pro Rods (swim jig rod) and Davis Bait Co. (swim jig).

BF - What's your favorite pastime?

BL - Duck hunting.

BF - Do you have a family and do they travel with you to tournaments?

BL - My wife Jennifer travels with me to every event.

BF - If you weren't a pro angler would you still fish tournaments?

BL - Yes. The tournaments in Ohio are filled with outstanding anglers so the competition there is as strong as anywhere.

BF - What's your favorite go-to bait?

BL - Davis Bait Co. swim jig.

BF - What's your favorite bait to use?

BL - Davis Bait Co. swim jig fished, of course, with the Bill Lowen signature series All Pro rod.

BF - Who is your favorite US President of all time?

BL - George H.W. Bush, he is a BASS member!

To find out more about Bill Lowen check out his website at